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Jenks Tag Agency

Jenks Tag Agency, located at 715 W Main St A, Jenks, OK 74037, is a tag agency in Jenks, OK. We all love driving our cars out on the open roads, but you know that comes at a cost. Like all drivers, you have to have a driver’s license and a proper license plate. If you’re buying a car from someone or would like to give someone like a friend or family member a car, you’ll also need to get its title in your name. If you have a car and find yourself in need of any of these things, you’ll have little choice but to go to Jenks Tag Agency, if you’re currently residing near Jenks, Oklahoma.

There’s just a few things that Americans universally dread. One such thing would be taxes; another would be the DMV. Residents of Jenks, Oklahoma feel the same way, and generally dislike both taxes and the DMV. To conduct most of the legal work regarding ID’s, driver’s licenses, and transferring car titles, locals in the area usually go to the Jenks Tag Agency. Located on 715 W Main St A, the office opens most days at 8AM to serve the needs of the local drivers. You can always expect there to be a steady flow of local Oklahoma residents lining up at the tag office for their various legal needs. The only question that remains: is the Jenks Tag Agency up to the task?

Reviews from real Jenks, OK, residents are highly mixed in regards to the Jenks Tag Agency, which means there’s no clear consensus on what to expect to experience here. One very disappointed reviewer told how they were refused service for an ID after waiting in line for hours; the reviewer was dumb-founded, being told they would need to schedule an appointment for months later, or go somewhere else. Another reviewer spoke of how he called the tag office on three different occasions, only to be treated rudely by the person on the phone. In his words, it apparently used to not be this way, but recently has changed for the worse. Another review corroborated such a story, with a lady who described an experience where an employee on the phone was rude and unhelpful when she called to confirm an appointment.

Still, not every story from the Jenks Tag Agency is so bad. In fact, some people really love the place. Many reviewers have said they were able to walk in and do their business without waiting or hassle, and were well treated by the staff. Outside of Jenks Oklahoma, many of the other tag offices have been very overworked recently, and are often booked for months. Because of this, some people have turned to Jenks Tag Agency as an easier place to get into.

Overall, it’s not clear if Jenks Tag Agency is the best place to go to in Jenks, Oklahoma. However, it’s probably still an okay choice, given your choices will grow slimmer depending on how far out you’re willing to drive. If you live near Jenks, it’s probably not worth driving somewhere further out for the sort of business you’ll usually need here.

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