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Eye to Eye Family Vision Care

At Eye to Eye Family Vision Care, our friendly, experienced, and professional doctors welcomes your family.

We have a long tradition in family care and have devoted our entire practice to developing long-term, generational care for families in Jenks and the surrounding communities.

From babies and young children, to teens, adults, and those who have lived long enough to be extra “life wise,” our doctors and staff look forward to showing you what family-centric vision care looks and feels like. Contact us to schedule an appointment

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Full-Spectrum Vision Care for Jenks, OK

The wonderful eye care team at Eye to Eye provides full-spectrum vision care for Jenks residents and their families. From routine annual eye exams to emergency eye care, we provide top-notch friendly and professional eye care for patients of all ages, and have consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Contact us to schedule an eye appointment or to share any questions or concerns you have about your or a family members eye or vision care.  Our online calendars allow you to customize appointment times that work for you, without any unnecessary messages. If you’d like to speak to us in person, give us a call at (918) 227-3937

Schedule Routine Eye Care Appointments at Our Eye Clinic

The following optometry guidelines are for patients who have no symptoms and are considered low-risk. Patients with symptoms or previously diagnosed vision/eye conditions are provided with a personalized calendar for more frequent appointments.

Patient age (years) Asymptomatic/low risk
Birth through 2
At 6 to 12 months of age
3 through 5
At least once between 3 and 5 years of age
18 through 39
At least every two years
40 through 64
At least every two years
65 and older

While routine eye care appointments are essential for catching and treating any vision loss in its tracks, it also helps us to proactively diagnose some of the most common eye conditions affecting our Jenks patients. These conditions not only negatively affect vision, they may also be related to underlying (or undiagnosed) health issues.

Some of the most common vision conditions we diagnose and treat for Jenks patients include:

Our services and products are all aimed at providing the least invasive and most holistically healthy treatment options. We take a patient-by-patient approach to eye care and optometry, which means services and products are uniquely customized to what’s best for you and your family.
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Children Love Eyecare Appointments at Eye to Eye ​

Any sign your child is struggling to see should trigger an immediate call to your pediatrician or to visit us here at our family-oriented eye clinic. 

Happy young smiling and wearing glasses.

Signs your child may need extra optometry attention include:

Children’s brains are highly adaptive and are more likely to “adapt” to vision loss if it isn’t caught early by your optometrist or eye clinic. From eye exams to glasses or contact lenses, we’ll make sure each pediatric patient can see as clearly as possible. 

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