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Veterans Park

Veterans Park, located at 305 S Birch St, Jenks, OK 74037, is a wonderful public park in Jenks, OK. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to do on a weekend in Oklahoma, but the truth is that there’s still plenty of cool and exciting places to go. If you happen to live in Jenks, you’ve got a handful of options to choose from for some solid recreational time. One option at your disposal is Veterans Park, which is probably one of the most significant parks in the area. Here’s everything you need to know about Veterans Park, what people think of it, and all the benefits there are to making a trip to the park.

There’s numerous, often overlooked benefits for your physical health and emotional health from going to a public park in Jenks, OK every so often. In modern times, Americans spend more and more of their time, inside, often living sedentary lifestyles. While this is okay some of the time, it can also do you harm, by weakening your heart and immune system. Going to a park even just once a day helps your body absorb more vitamin D, and helps improve your circulation by walking around. As well, going outside and connecting with nature has shown positive effects on overall happiness, and is known to improve sleep at night. The only question that remains: is the Veterans Park in Jenks, OK up to the task?

There’s plenty of reviews and stories from passionate Jenks, Oklahoma locals who have visited Veterans Park in the past. The consensus on their reviews is that the park is fairly good, overall, but that it has its drawbacks. Many reviewers enjoyed the size of the park, noting that it’s very large, and has plenty of space for exercise, and accommodations for a few activities. Fishing is one very popular activity at the park, as it has a pond large enough to support a decent amount of that. A large, well-kept playground is popular with families and children. Likewise, a decent skate park was built here, which provides another way to expend some energy. Picnic tables are available for family gatherings and other casual outings. The last feature of note, is a major walking trail, which is popular for its expansive size.

However, there are some things that reviewers have liked less about Veterans Park. Many Jenks Oklahoma locals have noted that parts of the park aren’t the most well maintained. One visitor recalled a story where they went to the restroom at the park, only to discover that the stalls had no doors. Another review spoke of the abundant litter at the pond, and the sad story of a small duck trying to eat around dangerous pieces of garbage.

Will you have a good time if you visit Veterans Park in Jenks Oklahoma? Odds are, you probably will. It’s a big park with enough to do that the good easily outweighs the bad. Overall, it’s a big park with plenty to do, and it’s also a safe environment for anyone who wants to check it out. The only real downside to the park, is that it’s not the most well-maintained place, which most of the time is easy to overlook.

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