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Oklahoma Aquarium

Oklahoma Aquarium, located at 300 Aquarium Dr, Jenks, OK 74037, is an aquarium in Jenks, OK. A lot of people might be surprised to know that hiding in the small Oklahoma suburb of Jenks, is an amazing aquarium, the Oklahoma Aquarium. First built in 2002, this aquarium is one of the most interesting places to go to in the Jenks area, and has a large variety of aquatic specimens on display in its 72,000 square-foot building. Here’s a summary of the things you can expect from the Oklahoma Aquarium, why you should go, and what real visitors who have been there in the past thought of the place.

Aquariums are interesting places to go for an occasional trip. It’s one thing to get close to animals like you would at a zoo, but it’s even more special to have the chance to view aquatic-life up close and freely. Photographers and adults who enjoy marine-life could find a lot to do on the odd day at the aquarium, but Aquariums are also great choices for families and dates, especially ones like the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK.

The Oklahoma Aquarium is famous, not just for being one of the best public exhibits in the state, but for being one of the most extensive aquariums nationwide. It features a total of 10,000 animals, and 500 different species. Most notably, it features one of the largest displays of bull sharks in the world, as well as major exhibits for zebra shark and loggerhead sea turtles. This museum was even featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in 2003, after Nigel Marven filmed some of the aquarium’s bull sharks inside of their 500,000-gallon tank.

With all of that in mind, the Oklahoma Aquarium has a lot going for it, but it’s also been open for almost two decades. According to local guides and reviewers who have been there recently, the aquarium is still holding up well, and positive reviews are almost unanimous. The reviews widely speak of the interestingness of the exhibits, particularly of the shark, turtle and octopus displays. Some animals are even available for petting and feeding, which is popular with children especially. People have also stated that the bathrooms usually appear clean, and have child friendly toilets.

There’s very little in the way of complaints towards the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK. Of the things some people have mentioned disliking, it’s been said by some that the cost of a pass is somewhat high. Besides that, one visitor mentioned feeling as though too much of the building was too dark, which made photographing some of the exhibits difficult for them. Because the building is very large, it’s also somewhat easy to get lost in it, which could especially be a concern for families with children.

In context however, these complaints are very minor, while the overall sense is that this is a high-quality aquarium. If you find yourself in the Jenks, Oklahoma area, odds are you’ll have a great time at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

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