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Bark West Dog Park

Bark West Dog Park, located at 990 W 101st St, Jenks, OK 74037 is a dog park in Jenks, OK. Being a dog owner with no where to walk your dog can be a frustrating prospect. Locals in Jenks Oklahoma know how hard it can be to find the perfect place for an afternoon playing with your pooch, and fortunately, there’s a spot just for that: Bark West Dog Park. There might not be a better spot near the area for a quality dog walk, which is why Bark West Dog Park is so popular with many of the locals. Here’s everything you need to know about it, what local reviewers think about it, and if the park is right for you.

Owning a dog can be rough. Our little friends are full of energy and need regular exercise and play just to avoid feeling anxious. Giving us an excuse to go outside however, probably does more good for dog owners than it does for the dogs themselves. In our modern world, spending too much time working at a desk or sitting inside leads to terrible health conditions, like obesity, or heart disease. If you own a dog, there’s nothing better you can do for yourself and your dog besides spending a little time playing outside everyday. Yet, for many dog owners who live near Jenks, OK, the question remains as to where you should go. With any luck, Bark West Dog Park might just be the only place you and your dog need.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of individuals in the Jenks Oklahoma area who know a thing or two about Bark West Dog Park. The overall consensus is that this dog park is an excellent choice for dogs and dog owners alike, with a clean and safe environment that ensures a quality experience for any pet owners who decide to give the spot a chance. Segregated areas are available for dogs of different sizes, which helps keep smaller dogs safe while bigger dogs are playing at the same time. Some visitors who don’t even own dogs like the park as a place to walk around and get some exercise, which is convenient because of the ample amount of shade trees at the park. Apparently, it’s also pretty clean and free of dog droppings most of the time, with the local dog owners having a pretty good reputation for cleaning up after themselves.

There’s very little bad that anyone had to say about the park, although, one reviewer recounted a story of how the park was inexplicably closed one day, for no apparent reason. Another more negative account notes that owners are very relaxed about letting their smaller dogs in the big dog area, which was a problem for this person’s less sociable dog. Other than that, Bark West Dog Park is widely seen as one of the best places to go for dog owners in Jenks Oklahoma. There’s very little chance you’ll have a bad time spending a day with your dog here, and the locals are known for making it a friendly and welcoming environment.

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