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Need a family eye doctor? Look no further. Eye To Eye Family Vision Care has over 20 years of experience in providing optometry services you and your family can rely on. The path to better vision starts here.
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Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exams not only help diagnose issues with your eyes, but also help detect early onset of other issues.

Children's Eye Care

Our team has over 20 years of providing pediatric eye services to Tulsa kids, ensuring your child doesn't have to endure vision problems.

Contact Lenses

Our doctors can fit you in the best contacts for any visual need, allowing you to experience crystal-clear vision with added comfort.


Regardless of your style, we have designer eyewear you're sure to love. Sunglasses too!
Your Tulsa Optometrist

Tulsa Optometrist  Welcomes Your Family

Eye to Eye Family Vision Care is the go-to optometry center for those in Tulsa, just a short drive away in Sapulpa. Our patients keep coming back to us because the staff and eye doctors are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the whole family – with an emphasis on personalized vision care. An experienced and compassionate team handles every aspect of the eye and vision care, from routine eye exams and glasses and contact lens fittings to identifying and treating common eye and vision issues.

Our Tulsa eye care team prioritizes long-term, human-to-human relationships with patients and families in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, and we invite you to consider us when it’s time to schedule your next (or first!) eye exam. 

Give Eye to Eye Family Vision Care a call at 918-227-3937 or schedule your appointment online. Our team is devoted to providing the best care for each patient – from the very young to the very wise.

Jim Burns
Jim Burns
Very good service the best in the state.
Nicolette Crider
Nicolette Crider
Friendly staff, clean office, great selection of frames! Dr Cook is fantastic! Straight to the point with a great bedside manner. 10/10 recommend!
Marilyn Dowty
Marilyn Dowty
Everyone always shows concern for my care.
Rebecca Prince
Rebecca Prince
I had a need an appointment asap & they were fantastic about gettinge within an hour.
Better Vision Starts Today

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Our office follows the medical and vision care recommendations set forth by the American Optometric Association (AOA). Routine eye exams are every bit as important as routine medical exams because issues that affect the eyes are often linked to underlying health conditions and can affect your overall wellbeing.  

AOA Guidelines for Routine Vision Checkups

The following optometry guidelines are for patients who have no symptoms and are considered low-risk. Patients with symptoms or previously diagnosed vision/eye conditions are provided with a personalized calendar for more frequent appointments.
Patient age (years)
Asymptomatic/low risk
Birth through 2
At 6 to 12 months of age
3 through 5
At least once between 3 and 5 years of age
18 through 39
At least every two years
40 through 64
At least every two years
65 and older
Better Vision Starts Here.
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Full Spectrum Care

Comprehensive Vision Care For Every Age

Comprehensive vision and eye care for the Tulsa community starts during babyhood and continues through the golden years.

Routine exams and screenings

It begins with multi-faceted routine eye exams that allow us to detect some of the most common eye conditions that affect vision and eye health. 

Other diagnostic and screening tools allow us to detect and treat:
Macular degeneration
Dry eye
Diabetes-related vision management
Eye infections
Lazy Eye
Pre- and post-op LASIK surgery
Learning-related vision problems
Medical eye emergencies
& More
Excellent Eye Care

Eye Care & Treatment Options

If you’re a patient experiencing vision loss or a diagnosable eye issue, we’ll work with you to find the most sensible plan for managing and treating your condition.

This includes:

The selection and fitting of eyeglasses
Providing education and information about your eye condition and working with your family medical or healthcare providers as part of a team
Contact lens fittings
Prescribing and managing any eye-related drops or medications
Identifying lifestyle, diet, and exercise choices that optimize your eye and overall health
Tracking and reminding you of upcoming appointments
Pediatric Eyecare

Best Pediatric Eye Exams and  Vision Care in Tulsa

Any sign your child is struggling to see should trigger an immediate call to your pediatrician or to visit us here at our family-oriented eye clinic.

Signs your child may need extra optometry attention include:

Winking or blinking rapidly to see straight
Struggling to pay attention in school
Behavioral disruptions in school that conflict with well-adjusted home behavior Struggles with reading or claiming they “hate to read,” even when they love to be read to
Watery or red eyes
Difficulty with hand/eye coordination
Tilting the head when reading the board or a book
Like adults, children fare best when being seen by eye doctors they can trust and who can soothe their nervous minds and bellies. The all-female team of eye doctors at our Tulsa eye care office are patients and have exceptional and maternal “bedside” manners with our young visitors. Our doctors make them feel right at home.

The Eye to Eye Vision Care office is a welcoming place for any patient to experience how easy it is to get an eye exam or to settle in for their first glasses or contact lens fittings. Children and their parents trust us to provide the best-quality Tulsa eye care, using the least-invasive methods of treatments to keep our younger patient clientele as comfortable as possible.
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Zachary Morrison OD

Zachary Morrison O.D.

Sarah Cook O.D.

Sarah Cook O.D.

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