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Category: Vision Care

Should I Let My Child Wear Contact Lenses?

Is your child tired of wearing glasses and asking for contacts? Or has the normal attack of vanity made your youngling pine for the cooler, lens-free look of contact lenses? We understand. We usually don’t recommend contacts for elementary school children and can discuss the pros and cons of letting your middle school or junior […]

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Learn About The Different Types Of Eye Charts

When you visit your optometrist for a routine eye exam, odds are you interact with the Snellen Eye Chart. This is the most famous eye chart used here in the United States. The Snellen Chart is named after its creator - Dutch optometrist Hermann Snellen.  This eye chart finds its way into more than just […]

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Are There Any Eye Drop Side Effects?

Over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops are a go-to treatment for red, itchy, dry, or irritated eyes. However, while they’re typically considered safe, there can be side effects. Also, they are best used for temporary issues.  However, long-term use is more connected to adverse side effects that could be avoided with proper diagnosis and treatment by your […]

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Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Scheduling an eye exam with a family optometrist is the only way to know for sure whether a child needs glasses. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children have their eyes examined at least once between the ages of three and five years old; once they start school, children should have a complete eye exam […]

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Why Do My Contact Lenses Hurt?

It takes a bit of time to get used to new contact lenses, especially if you’ve never worn them before. However, contact lenses should never hurt. If your contact lenses are causing you significant discomfort, remove them ASAP, swap them for your glasses, and contact your optometrist to check-in. 6 Common Reasons Your Contact Lenses […]

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Bifocals Or Progressives: Which Is Right For You?

Patients' eyes and vision needs, evolve and change over time. According to the Vision Council, roughly 75% of adults use some type of vision correction, and nearly 40% of those use two or more different types of glasses. Many of that 40% are using bifocals or progressives, both of which are designed to minimize the […]

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