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Category: Eye Health

What Does Eye Dilation Do?

Eye dilation helps us diagnose certain eye diseases so they can be treated as soon as possible. The conditions detected by dilating the eyes are often asymptomatic - meaning patients don’t notice any tangible or noticeable changes in their eyes until the condition is seriously progressed. While you may not have your eyes dilated during […]

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What Is Vision Therapy? 

Just like physical therapy improves the body’s muscle tone, strength, and coordination, vision therapy is specific to the eyes. Certain eye conditions benefit from vision therapy, which consists of a series of exercises prescribed by your optometrist.  When done as recommended, vision therapy or eye exercises strengthen eye muscles, improve the connection between the eyes […]

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Common Eye Care Mistakes

Prioritizing your annual eye exam is just one of the many ways to protect your eyesight and vision health proactively. The next best thing you can do is avoid these eight common eye care mistakes.  Avoid These 6 Common Eye Care Oversights The following eight eye care mistakes are the most common reasons patients make […]

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How Your Eyes Work

If you ask most optometrists why we do what we do for a living, the reply will almost always include a love of science, the desire to help others, and our absolute obsession with the eyes. The eyes are one of the body's most unique, fascinating, and complex organs.  Understanding How Your Eyes Work The […]

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Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

Are you doing your daily eye exercise? The eyes focus by activating muscle fibers that coordinate with the optic nerve. So, using eye exercises to keep eye muscles in shape can improve vision and focus. While eye exercises are beneficial for anyone, exercising the eyes each day can improve vision for people with: Nystagmus (rapid […]

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How To Prioritize Eye And Vision Health At 50 And Beyond

Age-related vision changes are unavoidable as you age due to anatomical changes to the lens. However, the degree to which vision diminishes, or the risk of other issues affecting eye and vision health as you age, is largely under your control. Prevent Eye And Vision Health Issues As You Age They say we end our […]

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What To Expect From Your Eyes As You Age

There is absolutely no doubt that overall health is a primary factor for your future vision. Medical conditions and diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes all take a toll on the health of your eyes. However, some age-related eye and vision changes can’t be avoided. 12 Things You Can Expect […]

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How Often Should I Schedule An Eye Exam?

Eye exam frequency varies from person to person depending on their age, health status, whether they wear glasses or not, and previous eye health history. However, as a general rule, we recommend scheduling eye exams following the guidelines set forth by the American Optometric Association (AOA). Eye Exam Frequency: What’s Best For You? Beyond the […]

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