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Eye to Eye Optometry Blog

How To Treat A Scratched Eye

Scratched eyes are common, typically the result of foreign objects getting trapped underneath an eyelid and rubbed against the surface of the eye, or objects passing across an open eye as the result of flying or windborne debris in the workplace or outdoors. While the resulting scratch can be excruciatingly painful and irritating to start, […]

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Bacterial Eye Infections: DIY Treatment Or Eye Doctor?

Did you or a family member wake up with red or goopy eyes this morning? Have itchy or stinging eyes that are getting worse instead of better, even with the use of OTC eye drops? It sounds like you might have a bacterial eye infection (bacterial conjunctivitis). Symptoms And Treatment Options For Bacterial Eye Infections […]

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10 Common Causes Of Eye Pain

Irritated, uncomfortable, or painful eyes are impossible to ignore. And, as family eye doctors, we’re glad that is the case. Eye pain and discomfort without an apparent cause, or pain/discomfort that lasts longer than a couple of days or is associated with other symptoms, should always be examined by an optometrist. 10 Reasons Your Eyes Hurt […]

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10 Reasons You Have Red Eyes

Are your eyes looking red and irritated? Red eyes are one of the first signs that there is something going on and that treatment may be needed. In most cases, you’ll be able to treat the problem at home by flushing the eyes, using eye drops, and avoiding irritants. Other times, your red eyes may […]

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Viral Eye Infections: Symptoms And Treatment

Conjunctivitis is the clinical term for inflammation and infection of the eye. There are two common types of conjunctivitis: bacterial and viral. The first type is caused by bacteria, and the second is caused by a virus. In healthy children and adults, bacterial and viral eye infections usually go away on their own within 7 […]

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Schedule Eye Exams To Monitor Effects Of High-Risk Meds

Medication side effects run the gamut, with the most common being upset stomach, headaches, changes in energy, or dry mouth. However, some relatively common medications cause side effects that can negatively affect the health of your eyes and vision. Make sure to share all of your medication prescriptions and supplement lists with your optometrist. We’ll […]

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Minor Eye Trauma: Examples And Treatment

The eyes are tough and they are good healers, but there are some situations that demand extra attention, support, and treatment. Minor eye trauma is one of them. Anytime you suspect there is trauma or minor injury to the eye, get on the phone and contact your optometrist. In some cases, s/he’ll provide information about […]

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Protecting Your Eyes From Snow Blindness This Winter

Telling someone not to stare at the sun is relatively easy because our eyes can’t stand to look at the sun for any length of time. However, the reflection of the sun’s UV rays from a gorgeous layer of snow is a different matter. Protect Your Eyes When Playing In the Snow We know our […]

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Removal Of Foreign Object From Eye: DIY Or Eye Doctor?

From the eyelashes or food products to the odd piece of dirt or other debris, it’s inevitable that you or someone you love will wind up with a small foreign object in one or both eyes. In most cases, minor foreign object removal can often be done safely at home. That said, there are cases […]

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Common Eye Allergies: Symptoms, Treatment, And Relief

Red, itchy, and watery eyes are some of the most common symptoms of eye allergies, also called seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. This uncomfortable combination feels unbearable if you don’t find relief. Additionally, untreated eye allergies can eventually lead to more severe conjunctivitis because inflamed, irritated eye tissues are more prone to infection from bacteria, viruses, or […]

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