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Keystone State Park

Keystone State Park, located at 1926 OK-151, Sand Springs, OK 74063, is a beautiful state park in Sand Springs, OK. State parks are one of the best things to visit on an otherwise boring weekend. There’s plenty to do and see at almost any state park. That’s especially true for the magnificent Keystone State Park. Sand Springs, OK is home to one of the best state parks in the country, and is filled with a wide array of different things to do and see. Let’s take a look at what Keystone State Park has to offer to visitors, when you can go visit, how much it costs to visit, and what you can do at the Keystone State Park in Sand Springs, OK.

Among the various things to do at Keystone State Park, are the following: hiking, picnicking, camping, swimming, nature watching, boating, fishing, and hunting are among just some of the many different activities that you can enjoy at the Keystone National Park. In terms of picnicking, Keystone State Park in Sand Springs, OK offers picnic tables, drinking water, parking, and restrooms. On site grills are also offered as long as you provide and dispose of your own charcoal. If you plan on having a party or large gathering, you can reserve a pavilion for up to 11 months in advance.

You can also rent a boat to go boating in, at the Two Dam Kayak Rentals shop. In addition to boat rentals, they also sell bait and other fishing supplies, necessary camping supplies, firewood for campfires, and ice to keep fish and drinks cool.

Half of the Keystone State Park is open to hunting at various parts of the year, as well as hunting dog training and animal trapping. The game that is available for hunting includes deer, pheasants, turkeys, squirrels, and grouses. However, hunting woodchucks and groundhogs is strictly prohibited.

There are different fees for different activities at the Keystone State Park. For camping, it can cost anywhere between $25 to $90 depending on what sort of campsite you want to rent, and how long you plan on staying. Taking a swim in the lake will typically cost $1 per person.

Reviews for the Keystone State Park in Sand Springs, OK were pretty good, though there were some issues. Overall, most people who visited Keystone State Park were thrilled with their experience. One reviewer felt that the park was well maintained, and was overall safe and quiet. The first reviewer’s only issue was that the coffee maker that was provided was somewhat dirty, and the kitchen in the cabin they rented had no utensils. Another reviewer enjoyed their trip, but felt that the shared restroom could use some work. In particular, the public showers didn’t offer much privacy. Overall, they enjoyed the experience. The last reviewer had been going to Keystone State Park their whole life, and felt that it was always an enjoyable experience. Swimming at the lake was a highlight each and every visit. The park staff were also responsive to the reviews as well, which is a plus.

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