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Insurance in Eye Care

There are 2 important elements of your comprehensive eye exam, the eye health examination and the refraction. The refraction consists of checking your glasses prescription, ensuring you are seeing as well and comfortably as you can. The eye health exam allows the doctor to evaluate the condition and health of the entire eye. This even allows for monitoring and care of numerous systemic conditions including diabetes, hypertension and auto-immune diseases.

Things To Know

Vision insurance plans will cover a comprehensive eye exam once a year. This includes both the eye health and refractive portion of the exam. Vision insurance may also help cover the cost of glasses or contacts. If you need eye care outside of your yearly exam (injury, red eye, management of eye conditions) then your vision insurance will not cover that care and it will be the responsibility of the patient’s medical insurance or the patient to pay for the visit.

Conversely, medical insurance plans typically cover the healthy portion only and do not pay for the refractive portion. If you are wanting to use medical insurance for your yearly eye exam there will be an additional fee for your refraction, if you choose to have that portion of the exam.

The Full List of Providers

Below is a full list of insurance carriers we are providers for. If you don't see your carrier listed, please contact us for more information.
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Community Care
Golden Rule
March Vision
Preferred Community Choice
Superior Vision
Vision Care Direct
Vision Service Plan
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